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Filipino Australian Health Workers Association (FAHWA)

ABN: 50500364843

WA Charity Licence Number: CC22597

FAHWA is a non profit, incorporated and licensed charitable organisation. Our aims and goals are to:

  • provide support and assistance to our members in times of need
  • give back to the community through our outreach programmes, delivering health promotion educations using our skills as health professionals
  • support our members for medical missions and international relief to other countries during calamities and disasters.
Filipino Australian Health Worker Association (FAHWA) - Helping The Homeless


Due to the increasing numbers of homeless people we have decided to help as much as we can by contributing to their immediate welfare when they are sleeping on the streets. 

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We have given hygiene and food packs, sleeping bags and blankets.

Filipino Australian Health Worker Association (FAHWA) - Community Services


Feeding the hungry and malnourished children who are orphans as a result of natural disaster ie, the super typhoon that hit the Philippines, the super earthquake that hit Kathmandu Nepal.

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Poor nutrition causes nearly half of deaths in children under five in the developing countries.

Last year some of our members have prepared meals to the poor children in the remote villages in the Philippines and distributed food packs in the Himalaya mountains of Nepal.

Filipino Australian Health Worker Association (FAHWA) - Health Promotions


Our health promotion is mobile assessment, screening for diseases and symptoms by taking blood pressure and blood sugar levels. These services will give early identification of conditions of lifestyle 

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diseases such as hypertensions and diabetes.

Filipino Australian Health Worker Association (FAHWA) - Health Promotions


Our mission is to support volunteers while abroad as they perform a range of tasks in healthcare settings. Qualified doctors, nurses and other medical professionals can work in their area of expertise to 

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provide support to those in urgent need. Our goal is to assist and improve the well-being of the world’s poorest people.

For nurses, this can include providing basic patient care, taking blood pressure, dressing wounds and helping to prepare medical equipment.

For student medical students and nurses it’s a good opportunity to challenge themselves and participate in something they realise will be life changing experience.

Volunteers can get hands-on experience working with local doctors and nurses in small local clinics, providing check-ups and basic medical care in low income communities.


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FAHWA believe in the power of the individual to make a difference.

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COVID-19 Relief Outreach

We initiated a fund raising activity, which is still on going, for Coronavirus-related assistance. A portion of the proceeds were given (food packs/goods) to the people who lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic. Another batch will be distributed this weekend. Health outreach program was also offered by us to the store consumers/clients.

It was with great gratitude to be of service to COVID-19 relief. FAHWA INC contributed and also helped pack food at Melissa’s Filipino Shop today for those who are in need.

It was also an honour to meet the Philippine Honorary Consulate, Ms Virma Symons in person. Thank you everyone!!

Photo: Honorary of WA Consul Virma Symmons (pictured far right)

Volunteer at our Upcoming Events

If you would like to volunteer at our upcoming events including our Health Promotions and Outreach Programs, contact us for further details. 

Filipino Australian Health Worker Association (FAHWA) - Health Promotions and Events


Filipino Australian Health Worker Association (FAHWA) - Health Promotions and Services Abroad



Health World Pharmaceuticals and Organisation

Health World Organisation give back to the community by supporting various local charities in the city of Perth, Melbourne and Sydney community.

Filipino Australian Health Worker Association (FAHWA) - Health Promotions and Recent Causes


What our volunteers say

“It is very rewarding being able to volunteer for FAHWA’s Outreach Programs and provide assistance in the community. Thank you FAHWA for providing the opportunity.”

Tootsie Abuyabar

Filipino Australian Health Worker Association (FAHWA) - Health Promotions and Services Abroad

ABN: 50500364843
WA Charity Licence Number: CC22597


Tel: +61 458 294 040

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PO Box 3160, Perth WA 6964